Hottest Fireworks Viewing Spots at Disney World

There is plenty of acreage within Disney World’s Magic Kingdom to view some awesome fireworks action during the park’s closing ceremony for the evening. Many people have different spots that they frequent when visiting the magical world of the Magic Kingdom. Some people have spots that they will ALWAYS go to, not matter what. These places are special to them in one way or another and sometimes that is the magic behind the hotspot; however, some people choose the viewing spot for strategic reasons, whether it is for the spectacular view, the atmosphere and environment of the spot, or just because it is close to the exit or something. We have gone about and interviewed some frequent Disney World Magic Kingdom buffs and we’re going to share their secrets of the Hottest Fireworks Viewing Spots at Disney World.

10) Just before Main Street USA close to the entrance:
This is a favorite to our Disney World fan because it is very close to the entrance. This makes for a quick getaway whilst everyone else in the park battles the crowds in the parking lot at the park’s closing.

9) On Dumbo’s Flight:
It is so cool to see the fireworks popping off in the sky as you whiz and whirl around on the Dumbo’s Flight ride. It’s great to get the kids on one last time and fly through the air with the sounds, colors and sights of it all!

8) On Spash Mountain:
Note: This has actually come in from a few readers of our blog as a great place to see the fireworks. Splash Mountain is one of the best places to see the fireworks because you get to ride an awesome ride and right at the end, just before you drop to the ground below you get this overwhelming flash of color and light in the sky. Very cool spot!

7) Polynesian Resort:
The Polynesian Resort is definitely a favorite spot for the fireworks. It is not saturated with people and the view from across the lake is amazing!

6) Contemporary Resort (California Grill):
Sitting in the California Grill with that special someone and some dessert after an amazing meal has never been paired up with such an electrifying fireworks display. There is an amazing view of the whole park as you watch the fireworks exploding over Magic Kingdom.

5) Top deck of the ferry boat:
Imagine being on one of the ferries in Liberty Square, overlooking the water. You are with your family enjoying what is probably the last ride of the night as the fireworks start firing off into the sky. The intense light reflects on the water as you gaze in awe.

4) Little Courtyard behind the Christmas Store:
This pretty little secluded hotspot for fireworks at Disney’s Magic Kingdom is a precious little gem. There is seating and seclusion with a great view. What could be better than that?

3) Fenced rose garden by the Tomorrowland Bridge:
This spot could not be left out of the list. This quaint little garden packs a great view of the castle while Tinkerbell soars overhead on her route to Cinderella’s Castle. On top of all that goodness, the smell of the roses seals the deal when visiting the park for this most extraordinary spectacular.

2) Fantasyland by the carrousel:
the fireworks are right over head. Downside is you can’t get a picture of the castle in the background with the fireworks.The fireworks practically shoot and explode overhead when in this part of the park for the show. There is an amazing glow to the environment around thanks to the carrousel and the fireworks right over head is just the icing on the cake.

1) Main Street USA (half way down on the right):
See the castle, the fireworks, and tinker bell gliding from Tomorrowland to the castle. This hot spot is the epitome of the perfect Magic Kingdom fireworks. Visitors can shoot a great picture of the castle with the fireworks exploding to either side of it. This amazing vantage point makes a great photo op, but it is also good for its proximity to the entrance.

There are plenty of spots to catch these amazing fireworks with a little bit on each to get the Disney fans going. If and when you are ready to experience the magic of Disney World, make sure to get some great deals on discount Disney World tickets.

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