Top Ten Ways to Save at Disney World

Saving money is beneficial to any family, especially in these times of economic stress. In these times of stress, vacations and getaways are equally necessary to families. There are a number of places where they can go, but chances are the family will want a nice vacation to the most magical place on Earth, Disney World. In trying times where saving money is key to as much happiness as an equally important vacation, how does one move on without the other? The answer to this comes to us with great ways to save money while on their magical Disney World vacation. So grab a pen and a pad of paper and check out our top ten ways to save money at Disney World.

10. Avoid Spring Break and other holiday weekends when parks like Disney World are more crowded and prices on travel are higher.

9. If you need sun block or any other necessities, purchase them outside the park. Prices on these items tend to be a little pricier within the park or even on Walt Disney World Resort property.

8. Carry your own water bottle into the park. These water bottles can be filled at any one of the water fountains within the park, for a nominal charge of nothing! ;)

7. Make sure to pack a little cooler with snacks and beverages so as not to spend tons of money on the food in the park. Snacks here and there can add up, especially when you have several mouths to feed.

6. When dining at the parks, be sure to make lunch the biggest meal of the day. Lunch tends to be cheaper than dinner at the parks, so if need be, just do lunch.

5. When dinner is around the corner head for the gates. When you get to the gate have your hand stamped so you can grab dinner off site. When you’re ready for more Disney fun, head back to the park for re-entry.

4. Stay off property. There are amazing deals on hotels around the Disney area which are anywhere from 5 to 7 minutes from the park’s entrance.

3. There are some really cool and FREE things to do at Disney World like walking around Downtown Disney and Disney’s Boardwalk.

2. For some great deals on merchandise and souvenirs shop at one of the discount places like Orlando Premium Outlets or Billy Boy’s.

1. Find a great deal on your Disney World tickets by using or They have some of the best deals on tickets for the major theme parks, dinner shows, and other attractions in and around Orlando.

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