G.I. Joe Fans are Back in Central Florida for the 18th Annual G.I. JoeCon

Hasbro’s 18th annual G.I. JoeCon hit Walt Disney World Resort’s Dolphin Resort on Thursday, March 31st and will be in the Orlando resort until Sunday, April 3rd. This amazing convention brings together fans of G.I. Joe figures and merchandise from all over the place into one location where they can converse about their cool collections with other collectors. Tons of merchandise is exchanged between vendors who have stockpiled old and rare items and even guys who just have figures they want to trade for others. The convention includes tons of activities that are super special to fans of the brand which span from young children to older adults who have been collecting for decades. There have been so many lines that have come out since the inception of G.I. Joe that it is amazing to see them all culminate in one location.

G.I. JoeCon features a film fest, over 200 merchandise tables, a giant diorama where fans can set up their action figures and vehicles to engage the forces of good and evil, and even a panel of Hasbro pros who have an amazing amount of knowledge in the field of G.I. Joe figures and collectibles. There is even a parachute drop which happens at every convention which has become a tradition to the convention. Each year, over 300 collectible 3 ¾” action figures are parachuted off the top of the resort into the eager hands of the fans below. The figures dropped from the ceiling are exclusive to the convention and are amazing collector’s items.

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