Disney World Offers Healthier Default Alternatives for Dining

Walt Disney World Resort is making it a point to aim families in the right direction when it comes to healthier living and the proof is in the pudding, low fat pudding. Disney has set out an amazing new program which helps not only in the education of the importance of healthy eating and living but also how fun it can be to do so. There is a grand importance in the area of eating healthy and staying active, especially recently with many families really evaluating what it is their children eat on a regular basis. Disney is privy to this importance and has set out to create an excellent program which not only makes it fun to dine responsibly but also makes it very simple.

For the longest time, the default meal for a child was the same as your standard dining establishment. It usually included a hot dog, hamburger, or something of the sort as well as a carbonated sugary beverage. Parents had to make a conscious decision on selecting the alternative option for their child or for themselves. Today with the development of the “Disney Magic of Healthy Living” program the default option is the healthy one and conscious effort must be made to have something less healthy. Stopping at a sit down restaurant or even a quick dining station within the park’s boundaries will get you a healthier entrée with a healthy side and a low fat or low/no sugar added beverage including milk or juice. That is a time saving as well as eye opening point for everyone. Another part of the program gives children the option to select smaller portions of what their parents are eating which tends to be heartier and healthier.

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