Gatorland in Orlando, Florida

Gatorland Orlando, Florida

So, you are in Orlando for your family vacation and you and your family are ready to see what the City Beautiful has to offer. What do you do first? Well, you can go check out all of the theme parks that have put Orlando’s name on the map and the first one that you should visit is Gatorland. Gatorland is situated on 110 acres and is home to a great number of alligators that are on exhibit for you to see. This is definitely on stop that should be at the top of your list when you are in the Central Florida area.

Spend all day looking at the various species of gators and learn all about their habitat, what they eat, how they obtain their food and what makes the gator such an intriguing animal. Gatorland has shows throughout the day and at the shows you will see the raw power of a gator’s jaw, as well as how they move and react. After the shows, take a stroll around the park and take a look at all of the souvenirs that are available to and when you. When you are ready to eat, head over to one of the food stops and grab a bit to eat so you can replenish your strength to head out and see even more great gator action. A trip to Gator will not only prove to be educational, but very fun, as well.

If you want to spend the day at an amazing theme park, skip the usual long lines at the other theme parks around town and head over to Gatorland. You and your family will have a fantastic experience when you visit Gatorland in Orlando.

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