Legoland is Coming to Central Florida!

Legoland is the new dog in town when it comes to the Central Florida theme park industry.  There are several in the country already and they have showed great success; however, Central Florida’s Legoland will be the largest in the country.  The new park will take the place of the old Cypress Gardens in Winter Haven, Florida which has been closed since 2009.  This park promises to bring a ton of opportunity and fun to the area with new jobs and never before seen rides and attractions which are all themed in the vein of America’s favorite toy play sets.  Of course there will be a number of opportunities to purchase play sets in a number of different genres marketed toward a number of different age groups from toddlers to much older children and even adults who love to entertain their imaginations with their favorite LEGO Technics or movie themed (Star Wars, Batman, etc.) play sets.

The park will feature a number of different themed areas including Pirate Cove, Castle Hill, Xtreme, DUPLO Village, and Land of Adventure just to name a few.  Each area of the park will feature rides themed for that specific area of the park including a Dragon roller coaster and a jousting tournament in Castle Hill as well as a live action pirate show on the banks of a beautiful lake in Pirate Cove.  Miniland USA will feature amazing recreations of actual US cities including New York City, Washington D.C., Las Vegas, and even major cities and attractions in the state of Florida including Kennedy Space Center, Key West, Bok Tower in Central Florida, and the antebellum mansions of the Florida Panhandle.

Legoland Florida will be an amazing place where families can come to spend quality time together as well as enjoy an amazing opportunity for creating great imaginative things and memories together.  Get your tickets in advance or visit this great LEGOLAND page for more information.

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