African Cats Aids in the African Savanna Concervation Effort

Disneynature debut their film “African Cats” on the week of April 22-28 in 2011. The film, narrated by Samuel L. Jackson, is a story which features some pretty interesting African wildlife like lions and cheetahs as the main characters of a family-appropriate drama blended with humor and a deeply rooted message of determination and perseverance. The film, directed by Keith Scholey and Alastair Fothergill, follows a lion cub, Mara, on her journey of wanting to become as strong as her mother. It features other characters including Sita, a cheetah mother of five newborn cubs that are quite the handful. Viewers are also introduced to Fang, the fearless lion who is leader of the pride who must battle a rival lion and his family to keep his own family safe. This movie has been compared to a real life “Lion King” which aids in delivering the overall message right into the hearts and minds of the viewers.

The underlying message in this film, and even a campaign that follows is one of awareness, conservation, and longevity of many species of animal that call the African Savanna home. The campaign following the film is titled “See ‘African Cats,’ Save the Savanna” which focuses on awareness of Kenya’s Amboseli Wildlife Corridor (KAWC) and the need to preserve this ancient migration path used by a majority of Africa’s wildlife. Partial proceeds from the opening week of the film will be donated to the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) for use in preserving the lands which make up this 50,000 acre plot. If one could take the borough of Manhattan and double it, which would be the overall size of the KAWC.

On top of the partial proceeds from the film, money will also be raised by allocating some of the proceeds of “African Cats” jewelry and artwork as well as the Jordin Sparks single “The World I Knew”. These efforts will be combined with a multitude of other contribution facets to surely produce a favorable outcome in the matters of wildlife conservation.

Disney World Lights Up with Tears and Sighs During the Royal Wedding

The royal wedding of Prince William to Miss Catherine Middleton was most certainly the most viewed ceremony in the world this moring. The ceremony took place at 10AM GMT (5AM EST). While over 1 million people gathered around Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace, hundreds gathered at Disney World’s Wedding Pavilion located near Cinderella’s Castle. The required dress was either pajamas (due to the early morning hours of the ceremony on our end) or a gown of some sort. Women from all over came prepared in prom, wedding, and other ball gowns. One guest even said she came representing a princess so she could be a role model for her younger cousin. There were fun, comedic activities and shows going on prior to the ceremony to liven everyone up for the grand spectacle.

The ceremony was held in one of the most perfect locations at Walt Disney World Resort with Cinderella’s Caslte in view. The event was set up with plenty of televisions and screens to capture all the live action so that noone would miss a beat. Also at the event was a little display of edibles including pastries, cookies, scones, and the like as well as some tea to wash it all down. I wonder if they served English Breakfast?

The talk of the day, maybe even the season will be the gorgeous wedding dress Miss Middleton, now Dutchess of Cambridge, was wearing. The dress was kept secret until the beginning of the ceremony. There has been a buzzing going on in conjunction with the appearance of the dress Catherine would wear for this historic ceremony. Everyone wants to be just like Catherine sporting the amazing gown on their wedding day, and chances are there will be a lot of women going for the Dutchess look on their wedding days for years to come.

Walt Disney World Helps Students with Major Grant Contributions

Walt Disney World is currently distributing funds around the realm of $1.2 million in grants for students who show remarkable character and academic valor. These students will be part of Disney’s Shine On campaign which will help students receive much needed funds for their collegiate futures. The program works by aiding Central Florida non-profit groups, school districts and others who distribute funds for students continuing on to higher education. Their disbursement started on the 13th of April and will continue to disburse until May 22nd. The disbursement is allocated to organizations within the 5 counties surrounding Walt Disney World which include Lake, Orange, Osceola, Polk, and Seminole counties. Since 1972, Disney has been aiding local non-profits and other organizations with over $11 million for the development of education in matters of arts, science, and more. Today, with programs like this “Shine On” campaign, they will continue to make smart, able minded, and promising students dreams come true with the promise of these funds for the betterment of their future.

Disney also has a program called Disney Dreamers and Doers which goes around and recognizes children who express exceptional academics and characters, who help their communities, and who show they are worthy of being branded with such an achievement. These children get really cool prizes, money towards college, and even entrance to the parks. These types of programs really bring a lot of good to the table and spark a need to strive for excellence. The rewards are a great way to get the little ones to shine.

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Green Vehicles Hit the UK from Hertz Car Rental

Hertz Car Hire in London is taking a step in the right direction with the cooperation of the city’s mayor. Hertz plans to add two Mitsubishi i-Mievs to their fleet as well as 16 charging stations. The i-Miev is an interesting looking vehicle that seats 4 passengers and some luggage comfortably. It is a four-door sedan with a capacity of 90 miles on a single charge. The vehicle can charge up in around an hour at a charging station and can be charged over-night just by being plugged into a regular power socket. The jump to greener technologies comes with a heightened demand for the fully electric vehicles. As the vehicles become more prevalent, the number of charging stations will definitely increase.

Electric vehicles have already been introduced in the United States, in select areas. As a matter of fact, Simon Property Group which owns many of the major shopping malls in the country has just installed electric car charging stations at Orlando’s Florida Mall and the Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto, California. These vehicles are slowly coming into popularity, but it seems like the change isn’t happening quickly enough for some. The price of fuel is just crazy! If the price keeps increasing, there will most certainly be a major shift to this new technology.

London’s mayor plans on making his city the capital of electric vehicles in Europe. With the ability to gain 90 miles on a single charge, the possibilities of traveling around without needing to stop for petrol will be highly plausible in fact inevitable. To rent one of these great cars or any others in the Hertz fleet across the globe, check out these great Hertz Car Rental deals.

Hottest Fireworks Viewing Spots at Disney World

There is plenty of acreage within Disney World’s Magic Kingdom to view some awesome fireworks action during the park’s closing ceremony for the evening. Many people have different spots that they frequent when visiting the magical world of the Magic Kingdom. Some people have spots that they will ALWAYS go to, not matter what. These places are special to them in one way or another and sometimes that is the magic behind the hotspot; however, some people choose the viewing spot for strategic reasons, whether it is for the spectacular view, the atmosphere and environment of the spot, or just because it is close to the exit or something. We have gone about and interviewed some frequent Disney World Magic Kingdom buffs and we’re going to share their secrets of the Hottest Fireworks Viewing Spots at Disney World.

10) Just before Main Street USA close to the entrance:
This is a favorite to our Disney World fan because it is very close to the entrance. This makes for a quick getaway whilst everyone else in the park battles the crowds in the parking lot at the park’s closing.

9) On Dumbo’s Flight:
It is so cool to see the fireworks popping off in the sky as you whiz and whirl around on the Dumbo’s Flight ride. It’s great to get the kids on one last time and fly through the air with the sounds, colors and sights of it all!

8) On Spash Mountain:
Note: This has actually come in from a few readers of our blog as a great place to see the fireworks. Splash Mountain is one of the best places to see the fireworks because you get to ride an awesome ride and right at the end, just before you drop to the ground below you get this overwhelming flash of color and light in the sky. Very cool spot!

7) Polynesian Resort:
The Polynesian Resort is definitely a favorite spot for the fireworks. It is not saturated with people and the view from across the lake is amazing!

6) Contemporary Resort (California Grill):
Sitting in the California Grill with that special someone and some dessert after an amazing meal has never been paired up with such an electrifying fireworks display. There is an amazing view of the whole park as you watch the fireworks exploding over Magic Kingdom.

5) Top deck of the ferry boat:
Imagine being on one of the ferries in Liberty Square, overlooking the water. You are with your family enjoying what is probably the last ride of the night as the fireworks start firing off into the sky. The intense light reflects on the water as you gaze in awe.

4) Little Courtyard behind the Christmas Store:
This pretty little secluded hotspot for fireworks at Disney’s Magic Kingdom is a precious little gem. There is seating and seclusion with a great view. What could be better than that?

3) Fenced rose garden by the Tomorrowland Bridge:
This spot could not be left out of the list. This quaint little garden packs a great view of the castle while Tinkerbell soars overhead on her route to Cinderella’s Castle. On top of all that goodness, the smell of the roses seals the deal when visiting the park for this most extraordinary spectacular.

2) Fantasyland by the carrousel:
the fireworks are right over head. Downside is you can’t get a picture of the castle in the background with the fireworks.The fireworks practically shoot and explode overhead when in this part of the park for the show. There is an amazing glow to the environment around thanks to the carrousel and the fireworks right over head is just the icing on the cake.

1) Main Street USA (half way down on the right):
See the castle, the fireworks, and tinker bell gliding from Tomorrowland to the castle. This hot spot is the epitome of the perfect Magic Kingdom fireworks. Visitors can shoot a great picture of the castle with the fireworks exploding to either side of it. This amazing vantage point makes a great photo op, but it is also good for its proximity to the entrance.

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Top Ten Ways to Save at Disney World

Saving money is beneficial to any family, especially in these times of economic stress. In these times of stress, vacations and getaways are equally necessary to families. There are a number of places where they can go, but chances are the family will want a nice vacation to the most magical place on Earth, Disney World. In trying times where saving money is key to as much happiness as an equally important vacation, how does one move on without the other? The answer to this comes to us with great ways to save money while on their magical Disney World vacation. So grab a pen and a pad of paper and check out our top ten ways to save money at Disney World.

10. Avoid Spring Break and other holiday weekends when parks like Disney World are more crowded and prices on travel are higher.

9. If you need sun block or any other necessities, purchase them outside the park. Prices on these items tend to be a little pricier within the park or even on Walt Disney World Resort property.

8. Carry your own water bottle into the park. These water bottles can be filled at any one of the water fountains within the park, for a nominal charge of nothing! ;)

7. Make sure to pack a little cooler with snacks and beverages so as not to spend tons of money on the food in the park. Snacks here and there can add up, especially when you have several mouths to feed.

6. When dining at the parks, be sure to make lunch the biggest meal of the day. Lunch tends to be cheaper than dinner at the parks, so if need be, just do lunch.

5. When dinner is around the corner head for the gates. When you get to the gate have your hand stamped so you can grab dinner off site. When you’re ready for more Disney fun, head back to the park for re-entry.

4. Stay off property. There are amazing deals on hotels around the Disney area which are anywhere from 5 to 7 minutes from the park’s entrance.

3. There are some really cool and FREE things to do at Disney World like walking around Downtown Disney and Disney’s Boardwalk.

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Universal Studios Orlando Looks to Expand the Wizarding World

With the intense attraction and popularity of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Universal Studios Orlando is looking to expand the world which has brought millions of people to Universal Studios theme park, that are at most times repeat visitors. It seems that for the short time it has been in operation, this massive theme park within Universal Studios is becoming a little “too big for its britches”. The park covers 20 acres and still leads park officials that the time for expansion is coming up rather quickly. It is with the massive numbers, long wait times on rides, and other record breaking occurrences in the park that the executives are looking into the potential yet seemingly inevitable expansion with open arms.

The apparent plans would double the size of the existing “Wizarding World” to a staggering 40 acres. The revenues and attendance numbers that have gone up on average of over 50% between ticket, merchandise, and food sales throughout the lifetime of the new addition to the park which took over a good majority of “The Lost Continent” would potentially double as well. This is of great interest to investors since the other lands of the park do not see the numbers of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The new expansion would possibly finish off The Lost Continent and replace the existing attractions with a live action show, an indoor dark ride, and a shopping area with its very own Leaky Cauldron restaurant.

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G.I. Joe Fans are Back in Central Florida for the 18th Annual G.I. JoeCon

Hasbro’s 18th annual G.I. JoeCon hit Walt Disney World Resort’s Dolphin Resort on Thursday, March 31st and will be in the Orlando resort until Sunday, April 3rd. This amazing convention brings together fans of G.I. Joe figures and merchandise from all over the place into one location where they can converse about their cool collections with other collectors. Tons of merchandise is exchanged between vendors who have stockpiled old and rare items and even guys who just have figures they want to trade for others. The convention includes tons of activities that are super special to fans of the brand which span from young children to older adults who have been collecting for decades. There have been so many lines that have come out since the inception of G.I. Joe that it is amazing to see them all culminate in one location.

G.I. JoeCon features a film fest, over 200 merchandise tables, a giant diorama where fans can set up their action figures and vehicles to engage the forces of good and evil, and even a panel of Hasbro pros who have an amazing amount of knowledge in the field of G.I. Joe figures and collectibles. There is even a parachute drop which happens at every convention which has become a tradition to the convention. Each year, over 300 collectible 3 ¾” action figures are parachuted off the top of the resort into the eager hands of the fans below. The figures dropped from the ceiling are exclusive to the convention and are amazing collector’s items.

Tilikum Returns to Shamu Stadium for Regular Performance

Tilikum returns to Sea World Orlando’s Shamu Stadium for regular show performance after the death of veteran trainer Dawn Brancheau. Tilikum, also known as Tili, returned to the theater for live performance since he grabbed Ms. Brancheau’s ponytail and brought her to the bottom of the pool during a live performance at the Sea World’s theater. The whale returned to live performance but there was something missing, the trainers. All trainers stayed out of the pool while the performance took place but were readily available on the platforms and outside of the pool. New precautions have been added to the main theater which include rising pool floors and underwater vehicles which will raise and or distract the whale in emergencies respectfully.

The female trainers are now required to wear their hair in buns and were not present in the pool as well as on the platforms or stages, but as an executive for the park stated, their interaction with the whale will aid in his social stimulation. Tili does interact with trainers as well as other whales for his own social stimulation and well being all within controlled environments and has not shown any signs of regression or danger. When Tili returned to the stage to perform, there were many who gave standing ovations and were happy to see the whale back in the spotlight, but there are always skeptics.

Members of groups like PETA say that the trainer’s untimely death could have been avoided completely if the animals were not exploited in this fashion, but others say that the performances of these animals really touch visitors to the point where the animals and their existence is engrained into the minds of the guests. With this “exploitation”, the animals as well as the environments they call home have better chances of being recognized as needing to be respected and preserved.

Disney World Offers Healthier Default Alternatives for Dining

Walt Disney World Resort is making it a point to aim families in the right direction when it comes to healthier living and the proof is in the pudding, low fat pudding. Disney has set out an amazing new program which helps not only in the education of the importance of healthy eating and living but also how fun it can be to do so. There is a grand importance in the area of eating healthy and staying active, especially recently with many families really evaluating what it is their children eat on a regular basis. Disney is privy to this importance and has set out to create an excellent program which not only makes it fun to dine responsibly but also makes it very simple.

For the longest time, the default meal for a child was the same as your standard dining establishment. It usually included a hot dog, hamburger, or something of the sort as well as a carbonated sugary beverage. Parents had to make a conscious decision on selecting the alternative option for their child or for themselves. Today with the development of the “Disney Magic of Healthy Living” program the default option is the healthy one and conscious effort must be made to have something less healthy. Stopping at a sit down restaurant or even a quick dining station within the park’s boundaries will get you a healthier entrée with a healthy side and a low fat or low/no sugar added beverage including milk or juice. That is a time saving as well as eye opening point for everyone. Another part of the program gives children the option to select smaller portions of what their parents are eating which tends to be heartier and healthier.